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Featured, Web Design, Front-End Development


CSS3, HTML5, JQUERY, PHP, Responsive Design





I was approached by the Architect John Graham in the Spring of 2011 to design and develop an elegant platform to represent his fantastic (and diverse) body of work. John had specific ideas of how he wanted the site to function and look.

Through the course of the summer we produced a few design concepts and eventually settled on the first concept. The goal was to let the work speak for itself with the use of professional photography, thoughtful descriptions and an expansive canvas. Overall, the process was thoroughly positive and I would jump at the chance to work with John again.

Here are a few words from John regarding the project:

“It’s not easy to design something for another designer, especially a website that is all about the other designer’s work. But when Tyler designed my website he came up with an idea so clean and elegant that it lets my work speak for itself without any distractions. The website seems to be working too;  I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from colleagues and prospective clients. To get to this point, Tyler had to have a lot of patience. My schedule kept getting in the way and it took me months longer than expected to do my part, which was to provide the pictures and text for the site. Tyler figured out a way to work around this so that when I was finally able to get him the material, the website was up in only a few days.”