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From our Clients

  • “The highest recommendation I can give is to hire a resource again, and I would hire again Tyler in a flash. Tyler brings rare, dual expert-level abilities of design and front-end development. He designed a beautiful website for the Times Colonist, then carried it through by developing it using responsive design. Aside from delivering outstanding work to the project, Tyler is a true professional to work with. His flexibility and patience during critical periods was a key factor to our team's success. I hope to work with Tyler again.”
    Sarah Wright, PMP — Sr. Project Manager, Online Media at Glacier Media Inc.
  • “I looked at a few different options to build the new Megson FitzPatrick website but Tyler and his abilities stood out to me. I feel I definitely made the right choice. Tyler has a fantastic balance between design and technical abilities something rarely found in one person. He executed my vision for our brand perfectly. He was able to deliver a clean site with a simple and functional back end to ensure we can maintain the content of the site ourselves. The feedback we have had from the site since it launched has been brilliant and I would absolutely recommend Tyler to anyone who wanted a first class website.”
    Nick Mason, Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services
  • “Tyler is an absolute delight to work with being one of the most talented User Interface Designers I know. He introduced new technologies to a very big project in Responsive Design and HTML5 and created all the designs as well. Tyler doesn’t only excel in visual design but is also very capable and advanced in front-end HTML/CSS and JS development. Tyler is instrumental in addressing issues very accurately and delivers fast. It is a pleasure working with Tyler on existing projects and I look forward to collaborate further in other projects.”
    Galya Westler, Digital Product Manager at Glacier Media Inc.
  • “It’s not easy to design something for another designer, especially a website that is all about the other designer’s work. But when Tyler designed my website he came up with an idea so clean and elegant that it lets my work speak for itself without any distractions. The website seems to be working too; I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from colleagues and prospective clients. To get to this point, Tyler had to have a lot of patience. My schedule kept getting in the way and it took me months longer than expected to do my part, which was to provide the pictures and text for the site. Tyler figured out a way to work around this so that when I was finally able to get him the material, the website was up in only a few days.”
  • “Tyler is one of those rare designers who will always create something incredible, no matter what. Tyler can bring almost any idea to life, and the end result is usually more elegant and even better than imagined. Tyler is one of the most motivated, dedicated people I've had the pleasure of working with. He would be an asset to any team with his blend of creativity, organization and an ability to meet deadlines that many would find impossible. To top it all off he's a nice guy with a great sense of humour. Overall a pleasure to work with both professionally and personally.”
    Kathleen DeVere, CMAEON
  • “I had the privilege of working with Tyler for five years, where his creative direction resulted in countless gorgeous websites and marketing materials, for the company and clients. Complementing his artistic vision are the drive and work ethic needed to take a project from idea to high quality finished product. With the rare ability to transition from creative process to implementation, all while in the face of shifting priorities and tight deadlines, Tyler would be a great asset to any organization.”
    Andrew Dennison, Convergent Media Network
  • “When we decided to update our website we spoke to Tyler and let him know what we were looking for. He got it right away so we asked him to design it for us. Tyler listened carefully to how we wanted to present our company’s image. He offered different options to fit our needs with ease of use and budget in mind. He has always been available to help out if we want to add anything or make minor changes. He explains things so we understand and makes recommendations whenever we need his professional expertise. It is a pleasure working with him.”
    Beth Hancox, Operations Manager for Maximilian Huxley Construction Ltd
  • “I've worked extensively with Tyler. He is easy to work with and brings skill, experience and taste. His skills in graphics and design proved critical to many projects. He was able to accelerate and simplify the UI prototyping and design process by quickly mocking UI elements and composing them into a complete UI. His experience allowed him to move quickly in creating standards compliant web applications that were easy to maintain and looked great. I think that Tyler would be an asset to any team/organization that was lucky enough to have him.”
    Marc d'Entremont, Mighty Zepplin
  • “I have worked with Tyler in the past where he is the creative director and web engineer and I was the sales person. As a sales person working with Tyler was great! He is on top of his game as a designer and web engineer but is also extremely supportive and flexible in the sales process by being diligent with his work, helping explain concepts and having answers to questions in a timely manner. Working with made sales process much more enjoyable and smooth!!”
    Craig Pratt, CMAEON