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Jessica Stockholder


User Interface Design, Front-End Development







I was invited by Clint Hutzlak of Rayola Creative to assist with the development of an exciting new project for world-renowned artist and scholar Jessica Stockholder.

Our role was to produce the front-end code and develop a custom Joomla! module that interacted with the SlideShowPro Director API. The module is responsible for the dynamic grid presentation and also handles the project details layout. To streamline the data entry process, the client requested the content be stored in the image metadata; our SSP module extracts content from a custom panel and renders it as content on the website. The PHP coding is credited to Alastair Fehr.

I love working with Tyler.

Over the past decade we’ve developed quite a number of Web sites together, for a wide range of clients, and he brings to the process a rare combination of excellent coding skills, up-to-the-minute technical knowledge and a great sense of design. His on-the-job written communication illustrates his logical, thorough and meticulous approach to complex projects — and he’s never been late, ever; I count on him to always delivers what’s required, on-time and on-budget.

If you’re looking for a web developer, you won’t find better than Tyler Nixon — just don’t make him too busy to work with me on my projects!